About us

Established in 1977, Aluminium Services is the product of a vision carried by entrepreneur, Sharif Mohd Ahmadi. With a vast portfolio of iconic and distinct turnkey, Aluminium Services is recognized for manufacturing high quality Aluminium fabrication throughout the Kingdom. Be it showcasing the splendor of grand palaces or the simple elegance of tasteful interior spaces, Aluminium Services has established itself as the leader in the outfitting industry. Over years of combined experience facilitating world-class range of services the organization tenaciously focuses on client satisfaction.


Going beyond boundaries we are committed in building upon firm foundations we have laid, seeking further growth and prosperity for the benefit of our customers by fostering a culture that bond us to emerge potentially.


Extending refined services to our customers, by constantly improving the quality of the materials we process and experimenting new business ideas as our trade mark with renewed strength.

Plant and Machinery

Our plant has a design capacity of 600 Tones per year and is situated about 2 kilometers south of Alba at Askar. The production methods and lay-out are of European origin. The factory, which has a floor area of 4500 sq.m is equipped with latest machineries for manufacturing different types of architectural aluminium products.


Aluminium Profiles and Accessories are procured from well established system suppliers and manufacturers like TECHNAL – FRENCH SYSTEM, SCHMIDLIN & JOSEF GARTNER – ALL GERMAN SYSTEMS, ALU-K / ITALIAN SYSTEM, BALEXCO – BAHRAIN, ALICO – UAE, ALUPCO – SAUDI ARABIA, NAPCO – OMAN etc. We are one of the first companies to introduce “TECHNAL” system in Bahrain and our intake of TECHNAL products in the last several years is the highest by a local fabricator. We always use genuine accessories supplied / recommended by the system suppliers.


Glazing of various types and performance are procured from well known & well reputed glass manufacturers from Gulf, European and U.S such as Emirates Glass, Saudi American Glass, Pilkington, Saint Gobain, Glaverbel, Ford, Guardian and others. Most types of glasses produced by these glass manufacturers are normally stocked in the Middle East with the authorized agents of these manufacturers and various glass fabricators in the region.


Aluminium Composite Panels are procured in different colours as per requirement from the standard processors in the region who procure the coils from well recognized and reputed manufactures from U.S, Europe and other parts of the world.

1 ACP Cutting Machine 2 GMC/161, KGS610S
2 CNC ACP cutting and Routing machine 1 Ozelik - Lepeus II
3 ACP Corner Cutting 2 Elumatec
4 ACP Bending Machine 1 Elumatec MRM05011
5 Aluminium Bracket Cutting Machine 1 Tekna TK130
6 Double Saw Cutting Machine 2 Elumatec DG104
7 Profile Bending Machine 2 Tekna TK130
8 Single Saw Cutting Machine 4 Elumatec, MK420PS, ACK 4205
9 Packing Cutting Machine 2 TEKNA
10 Crimping Machine 2 SIMCO A5367
11 Notching Machine 3 ELUMATEC AF 223/00
12 Lock Milling Machine 11 ELUMATEC KF 178/00
13 Automatic Angle Cutting Machine 1 ELUMATEC SA73/35
14 Hand Router Big 2 MAKITA
15 Heavy Duty Press Drill 4 K1720, TB131
16 Bonding Machine 1 LISEC TAL 50S1/B
17 Welding Machine 5 EURARC 522, EURARC 322
18 Shearing Machine 1 QC124
19 Steel Bending Machine 1 W624, HYDRAULIC FLODER MACHINE
20 Steel Cutting Machine Small 1 MAKITA
21 Punching Machine 3 PUNCHING
22 Sleeting Machine 2 N5900B
23 Punching Machine (France) 1 2700R02
24 unching Machine (Belgium) 2 PUNCHING